Natural Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Services to Fit Your Needs

Before and after marble polishing

We provide complete maintenance services for your flooring investment. 

From polished stone, such as marble, to quarried slate to Saltillo tile, we have the know-how to keep your natural stone properly protected and looking beautiful.

Whether your floor needs a maintenance cleaning and sealing or a complete restoration, we have the tools and training to handle your natural stone surfaces.

Marble,Travertine, Terrazzo, and Limestone

Very dirty travertine before and after cleaning

Distributors of marble, travertine, terrazzo, and limestone recommend cleaning and sealing your floor every two years. 

We use a solution specifically formulated for stone and lightly agitate the grout lines so as not to damage the unsanded grout. 

Using our special extraction tool designed just for natural stone, we immediately remove the dirty water as we clean, producing a clean surface and grout lines.

Natural Stone Restoration and Repair

Travertine hole repair

For this type of expensive flooring, blemishes such as etching, scratches, or “water spots” cannot be removed with over-the-counter products. We use special equipment and proven processes to remove the blemishes and reveal the beauty of the floor underneath. 

Depending on the level of shine you prefer — from a matte finish to a highly reflective polish — we can produce the look you desire. And, yes! We'll fill those pesky holes in your Travertine!

Slate Cleaning and Sealing

Slate after cleaning and sealing

Slate is a porous material and often traps dirt in nooks and crevices. It consists of many layers of thin stone, so it is very important to clean it correctly so as not to cause damage by breaking off additional layers. 

Our equipment gently brushes and cleans the stone with our specially formulated solution, extracting the water as we clean.

With slate, it is doubly important to seal correctly. The uneven layers make it difficult to keep clean without appropriate sealant, and without a sealant the stone has a dull look. The correct sealant applied the right way will enhance the look of the floor while making it easier to keep clean and beautiful.

Saltillo Restoration

Saltillo after cleaning and sealing

Authentic Saltillo is adobe clay from Saltillo, Mexico, and is the most porous type of natural stone. Characterized by its raw appearance and imprints of animal and chicken tracks, unsealed Saltillo holds 65% of its weight in water. 

Because it is so porous, it is important that the floor be cleaned and sealed correctly and that the sealant be maintained over the life of the floor.

Our quick-dry sealant allows us to apply multiple layers of sealant for added protection.  Choose low luster or high gloss to match the look you desire.  After treatment, your Saltillo can be refreshed with a quick cleaning and reapplication of the top coat of sealant.

Special Considerations

Limestone after polishing

Be careful when choosing a floor care professional for your natural stone cleaning, polishing and sealing.  

Each type of stone needs its own care process, and with so many faux stone products now available, it can be a challenge to know just what type of floor you are dealing with unless you personally had it installed!

Be sure to only work with highly trained professionals who know the right processes and products and have the right equipment to produce the outcome your home deserves.

Most of all, please do not use topical products on your marble, travertine, terrazzo, or limestone floors to try to restore a shine.  Give us a call instead!