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Hardwood, Engineered Wood, and Hand-Scraped Wood Floors

   Wood is a beautiful addition to any home. But different types of wood and wood-look floors have different maintenance requirements and challenges. Traditional sanding and sealing is messy, stinky and time-intensive, and can only be used for hard wood. Veneer-type engineered wood can’t be sanded without destroying the veneer, and sanding and sealing is completely inappropriate for laminate flooring. Clean Tile and More provides a more convenient, affordable alternative for restoring and protecting each of these types of floor.

Hard Wood Restoration & Protection

The Problem

   Traditional hardwood restoration is a lengthy, messy, smelly process. And it’s expensive, too! Even high-tech sanders with vacuums attached leave some fine sawdust in the air. Traditional polyurethane sealant typically takes 2 to 3 days to dry, rendering the floor unusable to the homeowner. In fact, homeowners with large wood floor areas often decide to move out when their floors are being redone, increasing the cost of an already-expensive process. Polyurethane is also very smelly, emitting an odor that many people are sensitive to. And because it takes so long to dry, special care must be taken to prevent pet hair and other particulates from settling on the still-drying surface. Polyurethane is also problematic to use because it doesn’t self-level, meaning special application methods must be used to prevent applicator lines from showing on the floor.
   Some homeowners make the mistake of using floor care products sold in grocery and home improvement stores. While these products do work for some people, many find themselves trying to figure out what to do with the cloudy residue and streakiness they find on their floor after multiple uses.

Our Solution

   Clean Tile and More uses a completely different process to restore and protect your wood flooring investment. There’s no mess and little odor; it’s fast drying, and — best of all — it's about a quarter of the cost of traditional restoration processes. And we can correct your wood product nightmare as well!
   Our first step is to thoroughly clean the hard wood surface. We use a non-weighted buffing machine with a polishing pad to agitate the dirt, grime, and sealants then mop up the resulting residue with a microfiber mop. This step prepares the wood surface for sealant application.
   Our hardwood sealing product has several advantages over traditional polyurethane. First, only cleaning is required — NO SANDING! It applies easily and quickly and dries in about 30 minutes per coat, greatly reducing the probability of particulates and hair getting trapped in the sealant while it is drying. We find that two coats are usually sufficient for the needs of most homeowners, but additional coats can be applied if more shine is desired. Best of all, our entire process runs about a quarter of the price of traditional wood restoration methods!

Engineered Wood Restoration & Protection

The Problem

   Engineered wood can be a beautiful option to get the look of hardwood without as much expense. The only problem is that engineered wood is constructed of thin veneer over multiple thin ply layers of wood glued together. While expensive engineered wood with thicker veneer layers can be sanded and refinished, the process does remove the top layer, including 7-10 coats of aluminum oxide finish, reducing not only the thickness of the veneer, but also removing whatever is left of the protective coating.

Our Solution

   Since our wood restoration and protection method does not include sanding, we can beautify your engineered wood floor, touching up scratches and other blemishes before providing a high-quality shine. We use the same process for engineered wood as with hardwood, first thoroughly cleaning the floor then laying down our special sealant for a beautiful, easily maintained shine. And the cost is definitely much more reasonable than replacement!

Hand Scraped Wood Restoration & Protection

The Problem

   Hand-scraped wood has a beautiful, rustic feel.  After a few years, sometimes the luster is gone and all you see are scratches - a little more "rustic" that you may have planned. So now what?  If you bring in a traditional wood restoration company, their only option is to SAND your floors:  NOT an option for if you're interested in retaining that hand scraped look!

Clean Tile and More to the rescue!

Our Solution

   Since our wood restoration and protection method does not include sanding, we can beautify your hand scraped wood floor, touching up scratches and other blemishes before providing a high-quality shine. We use the same process for hand scraped wood as with hardwood, first thoroughly cleaning the floor then laying down the appropriate number of coats of our sealant based on your needs for a beautiful, easily maintained shine. 


Leslie P. (Friendswood)
Grade ‘A’ from Angie’s List
I have a large home, and David spent a great deal of time making sure everything was prepared before he began working. He explained everything as he was doing the job. He was courteous and very neat. I left him alone the second day while I ran errands, I felt that comfortable with him. When he finished the first day, he cleaned up after himself. As each part of the job was complete, he called me in to make sure I was happy with the results. I will use him again!
David K. (Nassau Bay)
I tried multiple products remove the ugly Orange Glo residue from my floor. Now our engineered wood floor looks better than when it was new!
Reed L. (League City)
I don’t know what the previous owners put on our hard wood floors, but it made them look splotchy. I’m so glad we had Clean Tile and More out to restore our floors. Now they look as beautiful as the rest of our house!
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