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Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo, Slate, Saltillo

   We provide complete maintenance services for your flooring investment. From polished stone, such as marble to quarried slate to Saltillo tile, we have the know-how to keep your natural stone properly protected and looking beautiful.

Marble, Limestone, Travertine & Terrazzo


    Most marble, travertine, and terrazzo distributors recommend cleaning and sealing your floor every two years. We use a solution specifically designed for stone and lightly agitate the grout lines so as not to damage the unsanded grout. Using our special extraction tool specifically designed for natural stone, we immediately remove the dirty water as we clean, producing a clean surface and grout lines.


   For this type of expensive flooring, blemishes such as etching, scratches, or “water spots” cannot be removed with over-the-counter products. We apply specially-formulated honing and polishing powders using our polishing equipment to remove the blemishes and reveal the beauty of the floor underneath. Depending on the level of shine you prefer — from a matte finish to a highly reflective polish — we can produce the look you desire.


   It is important to seal with the right product designed specifically for your type of floor. Topical sealants such as waxes, Mop-N-Glo, etc. clog the pores of the stone, which can make it brittle and easier to damage. We use the right sealant and apply it correctly to protect your flooring investment.



  Slate is very porous and often traps dirt in nooks and crevices. Slate consists of many layers of thin stone, so it is very important to clean it correctly so as not to cause damage by breaking off additional layers. Our natural stone equipment gently brushes and cleans the stone with our specially formulated solution, extracting the water as we clean.


   With slate, it is doubly important to seal correctly. The uneven layers make it difficult to keep clean without appropriate sealant, and without a sealant the stone has a dull look. The correct sealant applied the right way will enhance the look of the floor while making it easier to keep clean and beautiful.


   Authentic Saltillo is adobe clay from Saltillo, Mexico, and is the most porous type of natural stone. Characterized by its raw appearance and imprints of animal and chicken tracks, unsealed Saltillo holds 65% of its weight in water. Because it is so porous, it is important that the floor be cleaned and sealed correctly and that the sealant be maintained over the life of the floor.


   Before a new layer of sealant is applied, it is important to thoroughly clean your Saltillo tile. Our method for cleaning this type of natural stone is similar to cleaning other types: we use a specially-formulated solution, lower pressure, and specially-designed natural stone tools to thoroughly remove the dirt and grime.



We use two different types of sealant for your Saltillo floor. One is a base sealant and protects the tiles directly.  The second sealant is designed to form a hard veneer that provides both shine and durability.  Once these sealants have been applied, your Saltillo can be refreshed with a quick cleaning and reapplication of the top coat of sealant.


Bill and Dawn D. (Seabrook)
After Hurricane Ike put 2 feet of water in our home, we really thought that our Saltillo floor would have to be replaced. Besides sitting in salt water for days, the floor was stippled with paint and other materials that were dropped on it when the rest of the house was being repaired. Hoping against hope, we took a chance and called Clean Tile and More to see what, if anything, could be done. We were so relieved when David Gilder was able to not just salvage our Saltillo floor but restore it to its original beauty. After everything we had gone through, what a relief not to have to replace our floor!
Kerri W. (Clear Lake / Bay Oaks)
Our marble entryway looks amazing. I’ve decided not to use the rug we previously had in that area because the floor looks so beautiful. Thanks, Shannon, for telling me about Clean Tile and More!
Luis L. (League City/South Shore Harbor)
We had our tile and grout cleaned and our marble bathroom floor polished. It's nice to work with someone who delivers what they promise.
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